The Schneider Mills, we know today began in 1917 as a small silk weaving business in Haledon, New Jersey. From Samuel Schneider's humble beginnings, Schneider Mills remains a family business.





Over the decades Schneider Mills grew steadily. Isadore Schneider, Samuel's oldest son, took over Schneider Mills in 1938 and ran the business from then until 1995. Under the direction of Isadore and his brother Albert, who ran the manufacturing side, the company prospered.


The Schneider family invested in the latest technology and established an excellent reputation within the New York converting trade. In 1995 Albert became the CEO and ran the business until 2011. Built upon Samuel Schneider’s ethic for family, work and community, four generations later, Schneider Mills continues to be family owned.



Today that facility is a state of the art weaving mill operating in 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Schneider Mills is a premier weaver of synthetic fiber goods for a wide variety of end uses. In 2010 Schneider Mills began a new era entering the composites market.



We welcome this new era with Composite Fabrics of America. CFA a wholly owned subsidiary of Schneider Mills, that weaves carbon and para-aramid. This high end composite is designed for end uses, such as aerospace, infrastructure repair, automotive and recreation. The family tradition of reinvesting in the company remains strong and ensures a bright future for Schneider Mills, its customers and its associates. If you would like to know more, reach out to us for more information or for a tour of our facilities to see with your own eyes how we can help you.



Schneider Mills has evolved from a silk weaving mill into a fiber weaving operation. From New Jersey to Massachusetts to Pennsylvania the Schneider family expanded its operations. In 1946 a plant was built in Taylorsville, N.C. and Schneider Mills consolidated all operations under one roof.

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